Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Prayers for Mason...

My dear friend and photography partner, Moriah, has a son who's 5, Mason. She took him to the Dr. this morning becasue he was not feeling well and had been running a low grade feaver. They did ever test they could with no results in the office. They sent her to the Hospital for monitoring and more test.

She called me back this evening and they are keeping him over night. The test the did ruled out a lot. They say he has some type of bacterial infection. Moriah is almost certin it could have come from the petting zoo they were at last week. Please pray for little Mason. That he's better and back home soon. For Mom & Dad too. It's tough to have a little one sick and in the hospital.


Maci Lynch

Madison Lynch
(my favorite niece)

Thirsty girls?

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Sunday after church we brought Maci's favorite cousin home with us, Madison. We also call her "Moo". I'm not even sure where the nickname came from. She is such an amazing wonderful nice. Smart, pretty and full of life. Maci shadows her around when shes here. It's pretty cute. I'm sure it get's on Madison's nerves a little though. LOL
So it was a HOT Beautiful day. I wanted the girls to get out and enjoy it. But Maci kept complaining about it being hot. I'm sure it has something to do with how prissy she has become. LOL I dug out the slip in slide and let the girls play. Micah and Marley were napping and didn't join in till later. (After mommy put the camer up.) I enjoyed this day of rest so much just watching the girls have fun.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Maci's Furry Friend!

You know it's going to be a good day when you are reminded, "Mommy let's thank the God for this beautiful sunny day." Thank you God!
Love, Maci & Mommy

I'm not sure if it comes from playing with baby dolls or make believe friends, but Maci loves to give everything a name. Sometimes she will even change my name and pretend I'm someone else. LOL Meet Alice, the little furry caterpillar Maci captured Saturday afternoon. She shared her with her sisters for a lot of grins and giggles. Marley loved her so, but did not want to hold her or have her crawl up her arm. Micah would have loved to hold her or squish would be more like it. (Not intentional of course) I'm so thankful that they can find JOY in all of God's creation. And even more blessed that they remind me daily to Thank God for the simple things in life I so quickly over look.
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Perfectly Cooked...

For those of you who don't know my husband is a surpurb cook. Brought home some fresh produce and some meat and a PERFECT Saturday evening is what became of it.

Move over Colonel (KFC), I think this beats finger lickin'!

What a great day, and I even worked. LOL Started off with a great session this morning. I captured a baby calling her Nana, Nana for the first time. The tears flowed and Nana danced and it's all on film. So to speak! Thank God for my job, I love it so.

Nothing but fun with the 4 people I love most the rest of the day. Relaxed, no where to run, nothing on agenda to do. I love those type of days. I even contributed to our wonderful meal, fried okra and squash with hashbrown casserole. In case you have not heard or picked up on my obsession, it upsets me when my kids don't eat! Something about throwing them completly off schedule and not getting enough nutrician for their little minds to grow. LOL Anyway, I had no problem with that this evening.

Pictured above is Maci chowing down on her 5th chicken leg. She way out ate me.
It was so nice to have nothing to do but be with the people I love most. Our Family of 5!
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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Faith Like a Child...

I was watching the Convocation at Virgina Tech. the other day. I couldn't help the overwhelming sadness that came over me. Unable to hold the tears back in front of my oldest daugher I tried to explain a little of what was happening in the real world.

First she asked that I turn it becasue it was too sad for her to watch. It just sucked me in and I couldn't turn it off. Rarely do I ever watch TV during the day. I sat there for over 30 minutes that day. Trying to comprehend all I was hearing.

When the President of the US came on Maci asked who that man was. I told her and she looked a little confused. So trying to talk to my 4 year old's level I told her he was kinda like our king. She relates to princesses, queens and kings. Surly this would make her understand. When she thought for a second. "Mommy, he's not our king." Why not? "Cause our King is in heaven." Yes, dear our King is in heaven. Everything at that second was put in proper perspective for me by my four year old. Even when this world is filled with so much violence that we can't even comprehend or make any since of it, God is still our King. He is still in control. If only; we all could believe like a child...

"Then Jesus called for the children and said to the disciples, "Let the children come to me. Do not stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these. I assure you anyone who does not have thier kind of faith will never get into the Kingdom of God." Luke 18:16 & 17

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Took the girls to the cattle sale in Hickory today. It's a big flea market. We had fun shopping around for bargins with Granny, Mackenzie & Madison. Moriah and the boys joined us about half way through. I love getting a deal. I bought two new hanging baskets for the house and an umbrella for my table out back. Oh and some tomato plants I have been wanting to plant out back.

I'm going to try to do a mini garden. Nothing too hard to keep up with. But I think it's great to have a garden you can just pick from when you need veggies and such. Michael is really good at growing things, so I'll be learning from him I'm sure. LOL

We at lunch at McDonalds after and when Rita was helping me put the girls in the car she tripped over Micah and cought herself on her wrist. She went to have it looked at by a specialist and they sent her to the hospital for a Cat Scan. It's pretty much shattered and all the special Dr.s are out of town. She has to wait until Mon. or Tues. for them to look at it and then they will schedule her for surgery. She's in a lot of pain. They mentined something about it affecting her joint and that is why she needed to wait on the specialist. Please say and prayer for her and continue to keep her in your prayers until after surger. I feel so bad.

Erin and Garrison came by and we had a great afternooon. My neighbor across the street brought her little boy, Jake, by to play with the kids. They took us on a golf cart ride through the neighborhood and down by the lake. It was nice. She is really sweet and her son is so well mannered. It was a nice afternoon/evening. I'm belssed with great friends. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Afternoon Vistior...

"There are three things that will endure-faith, hope and love-and the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians 13:13

My kids are all asleep. I'm on the phone with Moriah. The house is so quite it's eerie. When what do I hear but a big bang that seems be coming from my back door. I hop up to see who or what it is. This sweet little bird, laying hopelessly on my deck. Cry... I so wanted to cry. So I ask Moriah what do I do? "Pick him up." The thought had crossed my mind. But what if he has some type of west nile virus? Hum......

I'll just filp him over with the broom and hopefully he'll hop up and fly away. This is what I did. An hour or so later I go to check on him he's managed to pull himself under one of the girls play cars for shelter from the rain. OK, I'll call Michael, he'll know what to do. His advise to me... um...disturbing. "Dawn go get my gun and put him out of his misery."
You mean actually pull the trigger...um...NO. Not to mention he's on our deck and I'd shoot a whole in our deck. I could never work up enough nerve to do this. OK, Michael says I've got another option. Optimistically I listen."Go get a platic bag and bang him on the side of the house." What? There has to me a more humane way to this all. It's just a bird, Dawn. Still yet, he's a creature of God's is he not?

By now the girls are awake and we go back to check on him. He's flown up to the banister on the deck. Whew... he's going to make it. Then up to the tree he flew. Out of faith you were healed, out of hope you survived and out of love I did not kill you little bird.
Fly away birdie...Fly away...
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Our Hero!

This picture reminded me of a poem I wrote to Michael,
through the eyes of our girls,
last year on his "34th" Birthday.

Our Hero
You fly higher than superman can soar,
Hulk Hogan couldn't spend a day in the shoes you wore.
You are our Hero, you are our DAD.
Nothing and no one compare to the way you are always there.
You are our Hero, you are our DAD.

When you come home from a long day's work,
You could find a buddy or two who could help
you forget the long days labor you just wen through.
Instead you head through the door, take off your dirty shirt,
and play with us on the floor.

What evere we ask, you jump to do.
Weather its ball or Barbies, who knew?
Eskimo kisses, raspberry blows, tickle, tickle, tickle
"Daddy's Home, Daddy's Home!"

When the night draws near you are still here,
cooking dinner, packing lunches, bubble bath's
and secret night time munchies.

Then we sit quietly and you read a night time story.
You pray with us as it eases all our worry.
You have taught us so much throught he things that we do.
Mommy always tells you, we'll never fall in love
becasue, no man will evere measure up to you.
That just may be true!

Day in and day out you do it all over again and again.
We run through the matters of life,
and in the end what matters to us is
you are always our HERO!!
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Lazy 5 Ranch

They are still going on and on about all the (am-i-nals) animals they sow.
Marley especially liked the (pish) fish.
Micah the (monk-monk) monkey.
And Maci found a kitty cat
that was not even part of the ranch,
but she still loved it most.
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Girls at the petting zoo!

Driving through the Lazy 5 Ranch!
I love how you can see Micah in the backseat in the rear view mirror.
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The girls are on Spring Break from pre-school. I wanted to make this week extra special. I took the entire week off work so I could be with them and play with them. Today we took them to the Lazy 5 Ranch in Mooresville. I knew the girls would love it becasue they love animals so much. But I never imagined it would have turned out to be so much fun. Thier father, just as a big kid as they are, enjoyed it as much. I on the other hand was not as fond of the animals as I was content on the excitment it brought to my family.

Marley was a little like me at first, scared. We did not like the big birds coming up to our car as we were driving through trying to stick thier heads in our window. Micah & Maci could care less...They would have jumped out there with them if we would have let them. I think they did try a few times. LOL It was a blast and I'm so glad we took the time to do something together as a family, that brought them so much JOY!
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Have We Changed?


Every year on Easter morning we take a family picture. So we can see how much we all have grown and changed. Nothing fancy just a snapshot of us. Portriat compliments of Rodney Thompson.

One things definatly changed, we've moved. Another thing I notice. Look how grown up my girls are this year. Cry, Cry ...I could sit here and sob all day looking at all the changes a year has brought. Happy changes; except for the fact that my children are growing up so fast. Where have my babies gone?

Micah & Marley This year...

This year...2007

Micah & Marley I year ago...

Micah Last Year ...2006

Marley Last Year ...2006
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Even Longer Ago...

Maci ( 4 years ago) ...2003
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One Year Ago...

Maci "This April"...2007

Maci "Last April"...2006
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My sister

Me & Aunt Faber!

I am so blessed to have a Big Sister. I appreciate it so much more watching my girls together. I understand in new ways how special the bond between sisters is.
I know that if I ever needed her she would be there. Here is a poem she put in a scrapbook as part of my wedding present. It reminds me so much of us.

Little Sisters
By: Annabel Henley
Thank you God for little sisters
They keep us on our toes
They play with us and lauh with us
And mess up our legos
God gave mea little sister
To teach me about life
She loves and aggravates me
And gives me strength and strife
They are special as can be
Don't mess with my little sister
Or your'll have to mess with me.

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Marley & Michael on Easter Morning!

Hunting Eggs at Granma's Easter Evening!

My girls after finding more treats from the bunny at Grandma's!
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Treats For & From the Bunny!

The girls and I colored eggs. Caring Maci, had a bright
idea to leave the Easter Bunny something to snack on.

Maci holding her "special" egg, Mommy made for her.

Suprise, the Easter Bunny came!

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Easter Blessings

I turly do hope that the promise of His love bring you peace and happiness.
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