Thursday, August 16, 2007

NEW Web Page for Updates...

The family has just learned of a new web service for families in the hospital. Plesae visit for all further updates. You may also leave a message for the family so they know you are thinking and praying for them.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mackenzie Wednesday 8-15-07...

One day at a time. All the things we so commonly do on an every day basis seem so mundane... I am ashamed to admit that even before this week my prayers may have been considered mundane. Speaking of prayer... I have found that there is so much more time in one's day to pray. It's sad that it has taken and unfortunate situation like this to teach me this lesson. Prayer seems to be our bread and water these past few days. The only thing we do that get's us through. And all the amazing prayers everyone else has been lifing up for Mackenzie and the family. They have surrounded us, we can not thank you enough. Talking with all the visitors from the hospital we have realized that people have been praying all over for Mackenzie. It's not the family, friends, Dr.s or Nurses that can make Mackenzie any better. It's the good Lord above who can heal and enpower and give strength for total and complete recovery. Thank you again if you have been praying, please continue to pray every second you can take to pray. And thank you God for all the prayers you already have an answer for.Mackenzie got out of surgery a little while ago. Before they took him back his feaver came down to around 99. Surgery went well. They drained fluid from his lungs, patched a part in his pancris, inserted a new breathing tube and closed his incision. He has also been given antibotics to help his lungs to heal. They removed the rod in his knee that was helping to stabalize his leg and replaced it with pins and tracks. In hopes that it would be better than how they had it. His temperature has gone back up. I'll know more in the morning, so until then we can all just Pray...

Update on Mackenzie

Michael just talked to his parents and I wanted to give you guys and update. First, thank you all so much for your prayers and support. Prayer is an amazing thing. Please continue to pray as often as you can.

Yesterday everything pretty much remained the same. His temperature did rise a little in the evening. The main focus for concern still remained for his head injuries. Pray for healing in this area of his body. They did tell the family that they would be stitching up his incision, from removing his spleen, sometime on Wednesday.

This morning seems to have been a little more rough. His temperature is still high around 104 and does not seem to be coming down any. They have found a spot on his lung. They are not sure if it is collapsed or something more like pneumonia? His head pressure has also raised to around 20. Monday it was around 15, which they said was good and yesterday when we were with him it was between 12 and 13. The trauma Dr.s expected the pressure to go up.

As you can see Mackenzie is still very much in need of our prayers as Boyce, Rita and the rest of the family are as well. Thank you so much for all you have already done. I did hear that there were 5 -7 hundred people at the prayer vigial yesterday evening at NLHS. That is just amazing and awesome. If anyone was there or know's someone who was and has pictures I'd love to collect some for the family. Please e-mail them to me at Thanks...God Bless...


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Prayers For Mackenzie Please...

Mackenzie We Love You!
We are Praying For you... We know how strong you are and even more so How Great God is!
My brother-in-law, my husbands baby brother, Mackenzie Lynch was badly injured in a car accident on Monday Morning. Lynch and two others from North Lincoln were traveling on King Wilkinson Rd. on their way to football practice. When he lost control of his truck and flipped it several times. One of the boys riding with "Mack" said he was thrown through the front windshield and the truck landed on his leg. Mackenzie picked the truck off his leg and was able to get himself free. You can read more about the wreck in an article from the Lincoln Tribune below.

The last 24 hours have been devastating to family and friends of Mackenzie. Not knowing the extent of his injuries leaves us all holding on and praying together for the best outcome. He was taken into surgery when arriving at CMC yesterday morning. They removed his spleen. He has a compound fracture in one of his legs & a broken arm. The doctors said he had 2 vertebrae that were fractured as well. They are real concerned about the swelling on his brain. That is the critical part. They will no more in the next couple of days. They have to keep the swelling down. So far the pressure on his brain has stayed at a good level. Please join me in praying for this young man. The family and I so greatly appreciate all of your prayers, thoughts and concerns. I will keep you updated of any news.... Read the article below for information on the prayer vigil tonight at 8:30 pm.
Article From Lincoln Tribune

Local News : Prayer vigil tonight for fallen North Lincoln studentsPosted by Jon Mayhew on 2007/8/14 8:42:52 News by the same authorBy Jon Mayhew, EditorLincoln TribunePUMPKIN CENTER -- Members of the North Lincoln community will gather at 8:30 p.m. for a prayer vigil for three North Lincoln High School football players involved in a single car accident Monday morning. Mackenzie Lynch, 16, was critically injured in the accident after he lost control of his pickup and flipped twice according to the North Carolina Highway Patrol; Lynch was airlifted to Carolinas Medical Center - Charlotte with serious, life threatening injuries and was listed in critical condition Tuesday morning according to a hospital spokesperson.Stephen Blackwelder, 16, and a 15-year-old passenger weren’t seriously injured. The trio were on their way to media day and football practice at the school when the accident happened on King Wilkinson Road around 7:30 a.m.Investigators say Lynch over corrected twice, flipping his pickup. Lynch was ejected from the vehicle that rolled over on top of him. The vehicle hit several small trees before coming to rest against a tree.