Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Saturday at church we hosted a Trunk-Or-Treat at our Fall Festival. The kids dressed up and went around the parking lot and trick-or-treated at members car trunks, which were decorated. We enjoy being with our church family. A lot of them are actual members of Michael's family and the ones that are not are so close to us it feels like they are. It seems to me this is much like any church should feel like...One Big Happy Family...That is who we are!

Rita Lynch (Granny) as the little old lady who lived in a shoe and Micah.

Maci as a beautiful bride.
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Marley and Micah as M&M candies!
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Friday, October 26, 2007

Our Girls on Their 1st Day of School...

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Marley and Micah 1st Day...

Marley in Mrs. Tina's 2 year old Class.

Micah in Mrs. Tina's 2 year old Class.
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Maci's First Day of Pre-TK

Maci in Mrs. Susan's Pre-KT Class

Since I was so bad at posting during a really busy time for me. I though I would go back and add some important events for everyone to catch up on. Michael and I put Maci in Preschool for one more year. She would have only been 4 when K started this year. And though she made the cut off date we decided that to have her influenced by the church for one more year was not a bad idea. You have no idea how hard this decision was for us and how many times we went back and fourth about it.

Now that I see where she is and waht she is learning this year I'm so happy that we made the choice we made. Would you believe that she is reading. She has a take home book each week that she reads to us every night. She is spelling wonderful. I was worried that reading would be difficult for her, but she is really good at it. She is also very artistic. Her drawings and paintings are so creative. This coming school year 2008, when Maci will go to K, the cut off date is now the end of Aug. Maci Grace, we are so proud of you!! Keep up the good work.
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Snuggle Time...

We get to snuggle a lot at our house with three very loving little girls. This picture was taken moments after daddy got home and got Micah up from her nap. (He can't stand when they are sleeping.) Michael loves to spend every second he has at home with his girls. When you work a lot and don't get very much time at home it really puts the time you do get with your family into perspective for you. Everyone knows Marley is a Mama's girl. She has to have snuggle time for at least a good 10-15 minutes after she wakes in the morning and after nap. If not she's not a happy camper. Maci will really go either way. But if she had to choose I know it would be her daddy. The two of them have a special bond. Something having to do with both being the oldest children. Michael really works hard not to leave her out of anything and even reminds me when I get carried away in motherly duties with the twins. Splitting your time equally between 3 children is a lot harder than it seems. I love them all the same, just in different ways. Today I'm most thankful for the blessings of love God has surrounded us with in our lives. I'm forever indebted...
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jack-O-Lantern Fun...

The girls, daddy and I carved our pumpkin' last night.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fall Fun!!!

I love Fall! It is my favorite season. The cool air, the colorful trees, the smell of a bonfire...nothings better! This is our first fall in our new house. I make a mental note to myself each morning about how beautiful it is here. So today I thought I would capture
fall around our house. The girls were napping so I used Maci as my model. I'll have these to reflect on when winter creaps in.
The girls and I decorated our front porch. It has brough us many delightful afternoon and evenings thus far. The greatest thing about it was we found all the items we decorated with in a yard sale pile in our garage. Added a few fall decorations and viola!

Thompson Family...

I took these while we were on our camping trip. Aren't they a sweet family?
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Sweet little Garrison sticking his piggies in the water!
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Erin captured this of me Sunday morning fishing!

Miss Katie Fishing!
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Camping Trip...

Erin and Rodney paying his gutair!

Garron showing the girls and Garrison his fish.

Katie and Garron's new puppy Gunner and our
dog Maggie!

Our Family...

We went Camping for Michal's 35th birthday! Brown Mtn. Beach Campground. We had the best time. The Thompson family came along and Katie and Garron came as well. Our girls love to camp and be outdoors. Watching them and their daddy enjoy themselves so much was simply the BEST feeling ever!
*Don't pay any attention to my pants I forgot to unroll before these photo's.

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Photo's by Rodney Thompson, Thanks Rod!!
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