Friday, May 25, 2007

Birthday Party!

It's official, my babies are 2! I was not as sad as I though I would be. I am so proud of the little girls they are becoming. So strong and independant. Adventuring to try new things. I rejoice in each and every new day they learn and grow. Happy Birthday to my babies! No matter how old you get you will always be my babies.

Marley at her Birthday Party!
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Micah Abigail at her Party!

Cool Marley! This child loves to wear sun glasses.

Micah & Marley on their new swings.
Photo compliments of MWE.
I'm sure you could figure that I didn't take it since I was in it though. LOL

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Madison Lynch, isn't she a beauty?

Cake Time

Getting ready to blow out their candles.
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Micah Eating Birthday Cake!

Marley eating her birthday cake

Moriah took the pictures of the girls eating their cake. Thanks girl.
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Madison, Coop & Maci enjoying birthday cake!

Garrison Thompson

Cousins: Madison, Micah and Marley
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Mason Lane Edmonson

You can't tell their mommies are photographers can you?

Maci, Sawyer & Mason
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Micah & Marley at their new picnic table.

The girls gift from Mommy & Daddy.
Daddy put it together from 9am to 9pm.
Got sunburnt really, bad on his back.
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Marley & Micah on thier new bikes!

Watering the flowers with their new gardening gifts!

Granma & The Girls!
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Birthday cake!

Grandpa & Aunt Faber with the girls!

Marley, Micah & Garrison

We've been so busy lately I've not had time to post.
So now I'm going to catch you up on all that's been going on.
I'll let the pictures do the talking!
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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Birthday Morning...

My babies are turning 2 today!

What a way to start our your birthday. Sleeping in, then waking to muffins and birthday wishes.
We love you girls. I will write and post more as thier big day progresses.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Straight Out Of Bath...

If you could smell them, they'd smell like fresh picked flowers from a garden.
(Gerber Sweet Pea Lotion)
If you could touch them, their skin as soft as cotton.
If you could hear them, their giggles like medicine to my heart.


Our house is "totally girls", "girly girls", "sweet as can be." I never once doubted God knew what He was doing when he gave me three beautiful, smart, blond haired, blue eyed little girls. Daily reminders of the beauty all around us. You couldn't look at one of them and not fine "JOY", I dare you. We do have our up's and down's, don't get me wrong. Life is far from perfect and we are no exception to the childhood plagues. (temper tantrums, winey babies, DRAMA, DRAMA, DRAMA) But the good in these three little Blessings far out weigh our worst day. After bath tonight the girls wanted to swing. Which happens to the the BEST Mother's Day gift ever!! Thank You daddy and girls. So we grabbed a good book and headed onto our front porch. This gift is the kind of gift that will keep on giving. I imagine my girls and I cuddled up on this swing many day's and night's this year and in the years to come.

For coming to me as little sweet angels. Giving me the oppertunity to become a Mother to you is a pleasure. Your raidance is astonishing! I am in awe of the Master's creation when I look at each of you. Each so different yet beautiful in your own ways. Your hearts as pure as gold. May our halls always be filled with giggles, you skin forever stay as soft as cotton and the smell of flowers permiate the air where ever you are. I could not imagine life without each of you.
You are my JOY, my HEART & my SOUL.
With all my Love and all my Heart,
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Little Gardeners...

The girls helped me with my gifts for our mother's. We made my mom and Michael's mom flowers in pots. They had so much fun. I never knew they could be little gardeners. Both of our Mom's love to work in the yard and have pretty green thumb's, so it may be in thier blood. I honestly think they enjoyed giving them as much as they did making them. We had them here at our house for a few days before Mother's Day. So they actually got to take care of them and water them too. I was just glad to get rid of them before I killed them. LOL
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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother's Day Surprise...

My girls come toddling out of pre-school today, tote'n 3 gifts. What could it be? Something for me? Maci smiles really BIG it's a Mother's day Surprise. I love surprises. No I have not peeked and I will not look until Sunday! I think Maci was just as happy to give me the gift as I am to recieve it. I love hand made gifts, so I'm very excited what my creative little bugs came up with for me this mother's day. I'll be sure and post what's inside. So you have to wait too.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

For MOM...


For my MOM and all Mothers and Grandmothers, Happy Mother's Day!
Being a mom is a special gift! I was lucky to have been blessed with a great mother.
Thank you mom for all you have done and still do. You will alway hold a very special place in my heart.
I love you so much and that love only continues to grow as I watch you be the BEST Granma to my girls

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Craft Chairs

Step one clean the chair surface.
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Step 2 re-upholster seat.

Step 3 spray paint the chair frame.

Finished Project

I can think of 100 things I should have been doing today instead of what I did. LOL Just like my morning started out. Headed to Mooresville to run errands. Passed by Christian Ministries; though I shoud go in there, bet I'd run into Moriah, seconds later I pass her on slanting bridge rd. So I turn around cause I missed her and I should have gone with my instincts first. (She's been on vaccation.)

I soon forget what was on my adgenda in Mooresville anyway. LOL Should have made a note. I'm too young for forgetting, right? I should be. I blame it all on pregnancy. LOL I'll never be the same. Anyhow, I'm not already off track as usual. I find some great bargins and head back on track trying to remember what's most important first. I'm on a 3 hour time limit by time I leave.

After several other stops I run into Walmart...looking for moters day gifts and the girls birthday gifts. As I'm strolling past the craft section, I get this bright idea to re-cover these chairs in my garage. So I pick up some fabric $6 and some spray paint $0.99. I didn't end up getting anything I came for. LOL

Finished up and picked the girls up from pre-school. Went home to begin my project. Michael brought these chairs home from the dumpster one day. My first thought was throw them away. For some reason they have stayed in our garage. Yesterday I found an old wooden side table at the dump when I dropped off my trash. What did I do, but load it up in my car and take it home. I painted it with some paint that was in my garage and have one more thing to do till I'm finished. I'll post when I do.

The funny thing is I guess, this was just a spur of the minute project for me. Trust me when I say I have more important things I should have been doing. Like getting my house ready for the girls birthday party next weekend. And it's not like it was anything I was planning on doing for really even needed to be done. I guess I just felt the need to be crafty. So here are my Garage Chairs....There are 2 of them even though I only photographed one.
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