Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mother's Day Surprise...

My girls come toddling out of pre-school today, tote'n 3 gifts. What could it be? Something for me? Maci smiles really BIG it's a Mother's day Surprise. I love surprises. No I have not peeked and I will not look until Sunday! I think Maci was just as happy to give me the gift as I am to recieve it. I love hand made gifts, so I'm very excited what my creative little bugs came up with for me this mother's day. I'll be sure and post what's inside. So you have to wait too.
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Moriah said...

ahh girl! YOU waited to open! MY boys gave me mine the second they got in the car! THEY COULD NOT STAND IT! LOL! I love a good handmade gift too!!
Happy Mother's Day!