Friday, November 30, 2007

Santa's Helper...

Being the good little helper that I am. I have allowed Santa to ship some items to my home this season. I will wrap them and place them under the tree to help take the load off of him. FedEx delivered one of these gifts today, unwrapped. On the front of the box, plain as day is an image of the contents inside. Well what the contents will look like after Michael helps Santa a little more by assembling the 1,000 pieces I'm sure it's in. I have my pink and white polka dot apron on. My house is in the process of getting decorated. Back to the apron. I have a christmas party tonight for my Sunday school class I'm baking for. I don't always wear an apron, but I have on a new shirt, thanks Mom, that I didn't want to ruin. (She gave it to me for my birthday.) I can get pretty messy. So back to the point. Oh one more thing, I'm also on the phone right in the middle of rolling sausage balls. If you've ever done this before you know how messy it can be. I run to the back door to see what my dog is barking about. Oh it's Santa's gift! In a hurry trying to avoid explaining this to my 5 year old I send her to my office to play the computer. (Computer time is like gold at our house.) Oh rats I've missed the delivery man before he has gotten back into his truck. I hang up the phone with promises to return the call and motion for the man to come and help me. (He must have thought I was the most domestic little housewife in my apron, LOL.) You see, the gift is to heavy for me to carry or even drag to the building shed in the back yard. With the most hateful, disgusted look on his face he obliges. In the sweetest, most kind voice I ask, " Could you please help me move this to the building out back, I don't want my kids to see what Santa has dropped off." His harsh reply, "Why didn't you ask before I carried this up the steps." I said nothing and just killed him with kindness, cause you never know what kind of day he was having.

I walk back into the house after Thanking him a million times for his kindness, thinking...
If I would not have been in the middle of being Betty Crocker, little housewife of the holidays, distracting my little girl who would have wondered why Santa had gifts delivered before Christmas, talking on the phone and the many other multi-tasking things I was doing at the time. I would have maybe, just maybe, seen you a little earlier and saved you the inconvenience of a few little steps...Like I would ever do something like that on purpose...Would it have killed you to swallow your harsh reply, put on a smile and help a friendly, busy neighbor out? Uggggggg......

Honesty- Day 4 of Moriah's Challenge...

Being honest is a lesson I unfortunately learned the hard way. Many, many years ago I used to tell lies to escape the consequences of telling the truth. Which meant I was doing things I knew were wrong. In our childhood/adolescence we make so many mistakes. I feel fortunate now that this is a lesson I learned at a young age. So I had time to gain back trust and not make the same devastating mistakes as an adult. Lesson learned...

I'm calm in nature but hot tempered...
I put everything off to the last minute...
---this causes me STRESS---------
I drink a cup or 2 of coffe every morning to get me going.
Weh children whine it sends knives up my spine and makes me want to run away...LOL
I don't like to be in the spotlight...
I'm not really a blond, anymore...
Sometimes I guve in just to avoid conflict...
I'm not honest when I think it might hurt someone's feelings...
I've been known to laugh and smile when I really want to cry...
I've really sensitive and wear my heart on my sleave...
I don't like pitty...
I would rather know how you turly feel than to haveyou pretend...
It bothers me when the reason someone does something is for self gratification.
It bothers me when people speak before they think.
...and when they gossip...
I have this silly fear of being the last one up/awake at night.
I live in a house of chaios and clutter...
i am guilty of eating and entire chicken pot pie...
I don't like when parents send their sick, runny nose children to school.
I dislike people who think they know everything.
These challenges have been uncomfortable at times.
Whe I clean, sometimes I hide the mess in a closet. So if you ever come over don't open them...
My real pet peeve is when people say they are going ot do something and don't. Expeciall with my kids...
My garage is fill of boxes and we moved a year ago.
I leave the bathroom door open and cross my legs when I pee....
OK maybe that was a little too much info...LOL

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Inner Joy-Day 3 of Moriah's Challenge...

Fairfield United Methodist Church

Our heavenly Father...Nothing or no one could or will ever bring us more Joy. The second we all believe that our lives are forever changed. No material possession or even person could ever bring us more inner Joy than Him. True inner Joy is not attainable without Him...

My church, Fairfield United Methodist. It's not the domination or the actual building of the church itself, but the people who come. I have learned so much from each of them. Many thing's they will probably never know. (Hey that would make a great challenge Moriah, to write about someone that has impacted you that may not know and invite them to read?) I love to come to church to worship, but also to see and be surrounded with such a great and loving family of believers...I truly love each member and each member holds a special place in my heart...

My mother brings me so much inner joy. Just thinking about her puts a smile on my face. She will and always has loved me unconditionally, fought for me and taught me. No, there's nothing better than being the baby and a mama's girl...

My husband...We are by no means the perfect couple. But we were truly one of those fortunate couples that really listened when God called. I whole heartily believe that He chose Michael for me and vise versa. Just that thought brings me joy. I am truly, deeply and passionately in love with this man...

When my children sing me songs, giggle, give me hugs and inspire me. They are what my life is about now and forever. I love that they are all so different and that each of them radiate beauty. It's just so appropriate because what they have to offer the world is endless and full of happiness, love and joy...

There is nothing like coming back to a good book. One that inspires, captivates and challenges you to grow by facing the unknown. One that you wish you could just sit down in a cozy little spot and read from cover to cover. All of Max Lucado books bring me inner Joy. He is my favorite author. I have a ton of his books. Let me know if you would like to borrow any...

The first kiss of the morning and last kiss of the night. If you haven't figured it out by now I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic. My heart sings each morning and night with all 4 kisses that I get. And as a cherry on the top of the Sunday; when my children call me in for "one more kiss and one more hug please." Nothing in the world feels better or tops that...

Something very simple like hearing from an old friend or catching up with a new one. Or finding a e-mail that brings you to tears of joy waiting for you after a very rough day. I truly find joy when my friends open up and trust me with their inner joys, broken hearts, ect. I compassionately care and yearn to help them no matter where their lives may lay...

Sunday lunch...For all you raised here in the South, need I say anything more? LOL The feeling of the family gathering, no matter how big nor small. It amazes me that all Rita (my mother-in-law) has to do is tell her children after church that she has cooked and all 6 of them, their wives, (well Michael's the only one married) and children will be there. Seated around her table, to pray together, laugh together and pick on each other. I can only hope to follow in those footsteps...

The moment when I can find that my work as a photographer has inspired, brought forth emotion or captivated. There is no better feeling than for someone to admire and truly appreciate your work. Especially when to you it's a form of art that you poured your heart into...

This was great M- to focus on the true inner Joy in our lives. Thanks................

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 2-Be You...Moriah's Challenge

Day 2- Be YOU.
Take it and do with whatever you like! Blogger has been down ALL DAY!I'll be back with my post!!ANYTHING you want...Just based around " BE YOU" XOXOX

The first thing that came to my mind when I thought about being ME was my love of poetry. I don't often like to talk about myself. So I thought I might create a little poem that desribes me best.

I am a woman who flies by the seat of her pants...
Keeping up with me on most days, not even wonder woman stands a chance.
I like to dance, I like to sing, though if you heard me your ears would ring.
I can type really fast and search the web all night long, I can play the guitar,
well..... only one song.
I try to laugh as often as I can, especially when my husband tries to be superman...
I'm less of a fighter and more of a lover and I've been known to steal the covers.
I've been told a time or two that sleeping with me is like fighting jujitsu.
I had my first real kiss in the fourth grade, I often rode in the Mooresville Christmas Parade.
I married for love to a man who was sent from the good Lord above.
We had three darling little girls in three short years. Each of their birth's brought us to tears.
A few of my favorites are dumplings, chicken and liver mush...
I'm not a real country girl though, but, shhhhhhhh, Hush!
I don't like to clean or take out the trash and if I see a spider it's going to get smashed.
I'm pretty humane in all other ways, I've been know to take in a couple of strays.
Yellow is my favorite color for no reason at all, I'm not short nor tall.
The number one thing that sett's me apart is my caring heart.
I'm the youngest daughter of two, My favorite college team is Caroline blue???
I don't like attention or the spot light, but if you cross me wrong I might want to fight...LOL
Greys and Dirty Sexy Money, are my favorite shows, my hair has always been blond as far as anyone knows.
I have a much deeper disire for most things, than I hardly ever let people know. I should let my inner flame show.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Moriah's Challenge...Inspire...

To understand this challenge you may want to read Moriah's BLOG post titled Inspire...
If you want to participate copy and past to e-mail or post on your blog. Then leave me a comment so I will know to come view your post.

I am
I love
I yearn
I feel
I understand
I can't
I trust
I depend
I show
I think
I believe
I don't
I could
I should
I really
I see
I hear
I smell
I touch
I can
I did
I do
I am

My Version...

I am in love with my life.
I love deeply and passionately.
I yearn to be the person God has created me to be.
I feel misunderstood a lot.
I understand that sometimes it's best to agree to disagree. (Sound familiar Michael?)
I can't always say how I feel without thinking it through first. Then usually my initial thoughts are softened.
I trust few people.
I depend on too many people.
I show my feelings through my photography. It's my creative outlet.
I think about how other people feel.
I believe that it is better to forgive than to carry around a grudge.
I don't always do what I know is right.
I could learn more from my mistakes.
I should be more devoted to reading my BIBLE.
I really hope to make a positive impact in a BIG way someday!
I see people for who they are on the inside.
I hear my children pray and know they will grow up in the way of the truth and the light.
I smell honeysuckles and remember my childhood.
I touch as many people as I can, as often as I can.
I can spend more time walking around in circles, than getting anything accomplished. No LIE!
I did once learn a valuable lesson about the destruction lying can cause.
I do the best I can every chance I get.
I am too blessed to be stressed!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

More effective a mess than all cleaned up...

You know why that statement is true for me and many others? Becasue everything in life is never it's cleanest. I'm talking in general but it can be broken down into different catagories... It could mean litterally having a clean house. How many of you, like me, want to take on a new task. Such as putting up the Christmas tree. You know what goes through my mind. Well I have to get the whole house spotless before dragging out all those boxes. Are you like that too or am I really alone? Do you have any idea how long it would take me to get the whole house clean and keep it that way? No remember I have a husband, three small children and a dog.

I am the Queen of Procrastination. In some weird, strange way it motivates me. LOL

I have learned...Everything is never going to be perfect or cleaned up... So my little contributions here and there are a lot more effective than no contributions at all. Don't hold yourself back. Jump right in both feet and look back later when you have accomplished what ever it is you are seeking. And if in anyway this feeling of mine, that I so openly shared with any of the world who joined to listen, inspired you to live and let go I would so love to hear your story and how it turned out. Post a comment and share with me...DIG IN...

Saturday, November 24, 2007


This was the photo session from XXXX, you know where! We got a few decent shot's but looking back now they are funny.
First we set out the afternoon, one day before we are leaving, for a photo session. By the time we get there and get ready
The sun is almost set. Kids and husbands were in great moods. So bound and determined to get photo of the beautiful
beaches in FL we get up and get ready all over again the next morning, of the day we are leaving. For what, grumpy
children and husbands. UGG...can I ever win?

LOVE this shot... Our kids play so much and so well together
I honestly feel like I have a son. I would call Garrison my own any day!

FL Trip...

Marley and Garrison

The whole Gang!

Michael and Girls / Rodney and Garrison...
These last two photo's are not great. They were taken from the beach
with a not so great telephoto lense. But I still love them. Of course I wish they were better
but definatly better than none at all. It will remind me for years to come how much fun we had
even if I can't see everyone's faces. LOL
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Fall @ School...

Denver Baptist Preschool Fall Festival...
I love this time of year. Getting to come and be with the girls at school makes it even better.
Michael and I both took time off to visit with the girls. We rode on hayrides,
picked pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, played games, made crafts and ate pizza.
We are so BLESSED to have 3 children. They are such a very special
part of our lives. Girls, Daddy and I had so much fun with you
on this day! Thanks for the JOY you give us! XOXOXO


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Fall @ School...

Maci Grace playing on the playground...
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Fall @ School...

The girls were so excited to have Daddy at school
with them. Marley would not leave his side for the
first 30 minutes or so. This photo was taken
early that morning, during chapel.

Marley and her granma's blue eyes!

Sweet little Micah!
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Fall @ School...

Micah and Marley on the hayride...

Maci and Emma Barker/Cousins

Everyday when I drop off Maci Emma meets her to give her a hug.
It's so sweet! Emma is in the 3 year old class beside Maci's room.
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Fall @ School...

Marley on the playground.

Can you say Static Electricity?
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