Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Day 2-Be You...Moriah's Challenge

Day 2- Be YOU.
Take it and do with whatever you like! Blogger has been down ALL DAY!I'll be back with my post!!ANYTHING you want...Just based around " BE YOU" XOXOX

The first thing that came to my mind when I thought about being ME was my love of poetry. I don't often like to talk about myself. So I thought I might create a little poem that desribes me best.

I am a woman who flies by the seat of her pants...
Keeping up with me on most days, not even wonder woman stands a chance.
I like to dance, I like to sing, though if you heard me your ears would ring.
I can type really fast and search the web all night long, I can play the guitar,
well..... only one song.
I try to laugh as often as I can, especially when my husband tries to be superman...
I'm less of a fighter and more of a lover and I've been known to steal the covers.
I've been told a time or two that sleeping with me is like fighting jujitsu.
I had my first real kiss in the fourth grade, I often rode in the Mooresville Christmas Parade.
I married for love to a man who was sent from the good Lord above.
We had three darling little girls in three short years. Each of their birth's brought us to tears.
A few of my favorites are dumplings, chicken and liver mush...
I'm not a real country girl though, but, shhhhhhhh, Hush!
I don't like to clean or take out the trash and if I see a spider it's going to get smashed.
I'm pretty humane in all other ways, I've been know to take in a couple of strays.
Yellow is my favorite color for no reason at all, I'm not short nor tall.
The number one thing that sett's me apart is my caring heart.
I'm the youngest daughter of two, My favorite college team is Caroline blue???
I don't like attention or the spot light, but if you cross me wrong I might want to fight...LOL
Greys and Dirty Sexy Money, are my favorite shows, my hair has always been blond as far as anyone knows.
I have a much deeper disire for most things, than I hardly ever let people know. I should let my inner flame show.


Mindy said...

Love the poem Dawn! Too cute!

Ashley said...

This poem is so great!

Moriah said... are just tooo savvy!