Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Moriah's Challenge...Inspire...

To understand this challenge you may want to read Moriah's BLOG post titled Inspire...
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I am
I love
I yearn
I feel
I understand
I can't
I trust
I depend
I show
I think
I believe
I don't
I could
I should
I really
I see
I hear
I smell
I touch
I can
I did
I do
I am

My Version...

I am in love with my life.
I love deeply and passionately.
I yearn to be the person God has created me to be.
I feel misunderstood a lot.
I understand that sometimes it's best to agree to disagree. (Sound familiar Michael?)
I can't always say how I feel without thinking it through first. Then usually my initial thoughts are softened.
I trust few people.
I depend on too many people.
I show my feelings through my photography. It's my creative outlet.
I think about how other people feel.
I believe that it is better to forgive than to carry around a grudge.
I don't always do what I know is right.
I could learn more from my mistakes.
I should be more devoted to reading my BIBLE.
I really hope to make a positive impact in a BIG way someday!
I see people for who they are on the inside.
I hear my children pray and know they will grow up in the way of the truth and the light.
I smell honeysuckles and remember my childhood.
I touch as many people as I can, as often as I can.
I can spend more time walking around in circles, than getting anything accomplished. No LIE!
I did once learn a valuable lesson about the destruction lying can cause.
I do the best I can every chance I get.
I am too blessed to be stressed!


Moriah said...

I love that you played along!
ALL of this is sooooo true!!
I love you lots girl!

Moriah said...

I love that you played along!
ALL of this is sooooo true!!
I love you lots girl!

Mindy said...

Dawn - I enjoyed reading your answers. I love blogs where you learn more about a person. Can't wait to read more today!

Erin said...

I love it! You are so talented and great with words. I couldn't even begin to write something like that.