Friday, October 26, 2007

Maci's First Day of Pre-TK

Maci in Mrs. Susan's Pre-KT Class

Since I was so bad at posting during a really busy time for me. I though I would go back and add some important events for everyone to catch up on. Michael and I put Maci in Preschool for one more year. She would have only been 4 when K started this year. And though she made the cut off date we decided that to have her influenced by the church for one more year was not a bad idea. You have no idea how hard this decision was for us and how many times we went back and fourth about it.

Now that I see where she is and waht she is learning this year I'm so happy that we made the choice we made. Would you believe that she is reading. She has a take home book each week that she reads to us every night. She is spelling wonderful. I was worried that reading would be difficult for her, but she is really good at it. She is also very artistic. Her drawings and paintings are so creative. This coming school year 2008, when Maci will go to K, the cut off date is now the end of Aug. Maci Grace, we are so proud of you!! Keep up the good work.
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