Sunday, April 22, 2007

Maci's Furry Friend!

You know it's going to be a good day when you are reminded, "Mommy let's thank the God for this beautiful sunny day." Thank you God!
Love, Maci & Mommy

I'm not sure if it comes from playing with baby dolls or make believe friends, but Maci loves to give everything a name. Sometimes she will even change my name and pretend I'm someone else. LOL Meet Alice, the little furry caterpillar Maci captured Saturday afternoon. She shared her with her sisters for a lot of grins and giggles. Marley loved her so, but did not want to hold her or have her crawl up her arm. Micah would have loved to hold her or squish would be more like it. (Not intentional of course) I'm so thankful that they can find JOY in all of God's creation. And even more blessed that they remind me daily to Thank God for the simple things in life I so quickly over look.
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GreatAuntPJ said...

Now, this is something I personally relate to. The critter lover that I am. God Bless the children who look after God's creatures!