Sunday, April 22, 2007

Perfectly Cooked...

For those of you who don't know my husband is a surpurb cook. Brought home some fresh produce and some meat and a PERFECT Saturday evening is what became of it.

Move over Colonel (KFC), I think this beats finger lickin'!

What a great day, and I even worked. LOL Started off with a great session this morning. I captured a baby calling her Nana, Nana for the first time. The tears flowed and Nana danced and it's all on film. So to speak! Thank God for my job, I love it so.

Nothing but fun with the 4 people I love most the rest of the day. Relaxed, no where to run, nothing on agenda to do. I love those type of days. I even contributed to our wonderful meal, fried okra and squash with hashbrown casserole. In case you have not heard or picked up on my obsession, it upsets me when my kids don't eat! Something about throwing them completly off schedule and not getting enough nutrician for their little minds to grow. LOL Anyway, I had no problem with that this evening.

Pictured above is Maci chowing down on her 5th chicken leg. She way out ate me.
It was so nice to have nothing to do but be with the people I love most. Our Family of 5!
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Moriah said...

AHH! Can't wait to see the pics! I love the chicken leg and food, yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Blog looks great!!

GreatAuntPJ said...

DML - please tell Maci that her Great Aunt Jackie is the original chicken lover! No one eats chicken like she does! Jose says "hello" and wants to know if your blog is safe... he doesn't want any harm to come from some of the outside world to you. (Protective yes, he is!)