Thursday, April 12, 2007

Took the girls to the cattle sale in Hickory today. It's a big flea market. We had fun shopping around for bargins with Granny, Mackenzie & Madison. Moriah and the boys joined us about half way through. I love getting a deal. I bought two new hanging baskets for the house and an umbrella for my table out back. Oh and some tomato plants I have been wanting to plant out back.

I'm going to try to do a mini garden. Nothing too hard to keep up with. But I think it's great to have a garden you can just pick from when you need veggies and such. Michael is really good at growing things, so I'll be learning from him I'm sure. LOL

We at lunch at McDonalds after and when Rita was helping me put the girls in the car she tripped over Micah and cought herself on her wrist. She went to have it looked at by a specialist and they sent her to the hospital for a Cat Scan. It's pretty much shattered and all the special Dr.s are out of town. She has to wait until Mon. or Tues. for them to look at it and then they will schedule her for surgery. She's in a lot of pain. They mentined something about it affecting her joint and that is why she needed to wait on the specialist. Please say and prayer for her and continue to keep her in your prayers until after surger. I feel so bad.

Erin and Garrison came by and we had a great afternooon. My neighbor across the street brought her little boy, Jake, by to play with the kids. They took us on a golf cart ride through the neighborhood and down by the lake. It was nice. She is really sweet and her son is so well mannered. It was a nice afternoon/evening. I'm belssed with great friends. :)

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