Monday, August 4, 2008

My nephew's: Dillon and Jack
Sister-in-law: Melissa, Mark, Dillon & Jack
Friends: Erin, Garrison and Rodney
Maci Grace catching petals from the flower tree
Deer in our yard
Sunday's at the campground are great! Preaching, Good Food and lots of laughter.
Here are a few pictures I took this past Sunday at Rock Springs Campground.
When we came home for a little rest Sunday afternoon Maci spotted these deer in our yard.
Her dad and I blew it off when she first mentioned she sow some deer. I was thinking
like lawn statues or something. When we pulled into the driveway she said, "Look over there."
Sure enough there were 3 deer. I think the apples from the apple tree is what attracted them.
The storm from the other day left a lot of those apples on the ground.

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Alysa Tanya N. Galban said...

i like all your shots :)