Monday, August 4, 2008

Gone to Campmeeting...

If everyday could be lived this simple there are so many lessons I could learn.
We moved into our tent last weekend for camp meeting. Every night last week we
slept there and ate dinner there. Now we do come home during the day for a little break
and some nap time. Then every evening we are back again.
A lot of people ask why.
I wonder why not?
Wooden tents surround an arbor, where daytime and evening worships take place...
Just think of how amazing our communities would be if they were built like this.
Around one church!
When it's time to eat there is always enough to share....
Your neighbors are two steps away. ...
Communication is face to face...
Whole families are together...
Children's laughter is ALWAYS in the air...
It is hands down the best way to live.
I was not born into camp meeting like a lot of the area Denver residents.
But camp meeting has changed me and will forever be in my heart.
My grand children's, grandchildren will be apart of this wonderful event!
What deeper seeds could I sew?

Marley, Maci & Micah just outside the arbor
Lynch Family 2008
Erin & I hanging out at Tent 81

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