Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So Serious...

So, this is the look I get when I ask, "Marley show Mommy your new hair cut!"
I love it...Marley is that child who will out of the blue come up with some funny comment and blurt it out. Leaving you wondering....where did that just come from? Last night I took the girls to Dr. D's office, our chiropractor, for thier monthly visit. Since we were in M'ville we made plans with Granma. Mom lives in Morrison plantation. (Moriah and I dream to have a studio there one day.) We decided to walk to get some dinner since it was so beautiful out yesterday. Then on a whim I asked where a Great Clips was. (Sorry Katie it was a spur of the moment decision) Ironically there was one right there in MP. So we walked around the corner and got the girls hair trimmed. (Well it was suppose to be a trim.) Maci got less than an inch casue she is growing it out. A different lady cut Marley's hair. Once Marley was in the chair she had a much more serious look on her face and didn't move for 20 minutes....I know that should have been a HUGE clue to me...who takes 20 min. to trim a 2 year old hair? In attempt to get it even she just kept, cutting and cutting and cutting. You will not believe it when I tell you she got out the electric trimmers on her...She literally chased me out the door with the scissors in her hand, still cutting as we were paying. We had to get out of there before my poor child had no hair left. Lucky for Marley, she is too cute and can pull off even a bad hair cut. Mom and I had to even it up when we got her back to Mom's house. LOL

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