Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My new Hobby...

Playing around and having fun in PS!

Moriah and I were talking not long go about needing new hobbies.Photography had been our hobby for so long. When we decided to share our love and passion with others and form CM Studio it became less of a hobby for us over the years. Don't get me wrong we still love and enjoy what we do, but when you carry your camera with you everywhere...and I do mean everywhere... and take pictures for a living you don't really want to fill every second of every day with that...Come on anyone would get sick of too much of anything. So as we were saying we needed new hobbies. I picked up a guitar and took an interest this summer. Learned a little here and there and really enjoyed it.

As was cleaning for the super bowl get together on Sunday I hung my guitar on a nail that had been in my wall since we bought the house. LOL I have just now began to put my own nails in the walls. Everything just seemed to fit where the previous owners nails were. And since they were kind enough to leave them I figured what the hey... I think it has actually found it's new home. In front of it sits a Rocking Chair. I was once a little baby rocked in that chair. That's hard to believe seeing I will be 30 this year. Yuck...I just hate the sound of that. I don't think that many of you know that I have taken an interest in playing. I had been playing around and learning on a friends last year. Rodney was generous enough to give me some lessons. Mom surprised me at Christmas with a guitar of my own to practice and learn. I love to play and learn and am usually up for a good challenge. This week I broke my first string. Time to get the DVD out and learn how to put a new one on. Or take it to Rodney and ask for his help...Beg...and... Plead...LOL I was very sad :( when it happened because I was just getting into my practice....Another day! I'll let you know if I ever get any good or worth hearing!

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Jessica Ballard said...

Your doing good- don't give up!