Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crazy Dreamer...11.5 weeks

The dreams are getting more vivid and intense...M asked me what I was eating before bed, but I think it's just the pregnancy, cause I've not been eating before bed. The other night I dreamed I was adopting a baby girl. Not knowing that I was currently pregnate. Something happens with the baby's mother and I have to carry her child the rest of the pregnancy....(No details on how this happens or really any thought about it not making any since at's a dream!) So I'm about to deliver and they realize that there is another baby who is not due for a few more weeks. A boy!!! I can even remember sending my dad into our attic to search for another crib for the second baby...which is mine! Strange I know...

Last night I dream we are in for our first ultrasound and we find out we are having a girl and a boy... Twins again??? I remember crying a lot. Oh and their names were Mereck & Mallory! :) Cute!!! I'm hoping that this dream was just from the terriable upset stomach I had before bed and not a sign of anything else!!! :)

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Mom said...

Although we will love whatever sex the baby is and however many there are, I too hope there is only one this time. Hang in there and TRY to eat soemthing. The baby is draining you and you need your strength. Also don't forget to spray those vitamins. Love, Mom