Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sick BUG...

Micah and I spent the morning in the Dr's office this morning... It turned out that she has strep and a double ear infection. I feel so bad for her. She woke up last night with a high fever complaining of ear and mouth pains. As any mother would know, when you child is sick your schedule for that day gets erased. Everything changes and you have one focus and one main concern. I had a Women's Society meeting at church that evening, was supposed to pick Garrison up from pre-school that afternoon, and get Maci to basketball practice that evening. I knew that the meeting was important, but there was not questions as to if I would miss to stay home to take care of my sick child. So in attempt to not take things for granted this year, even the littlest of ones, I'm sharing the blessings that enabled me to do what love calls us mother's to do in times like this. My meeting was canceled so I no longer had to worry about what I would be missing. Trey & Katie offered to take Maci to and from basketball practice...What saviors! And I was able to focus on getting Micah better. Even the littlest of blessings can give you a since of overwhelming peace...and that is what I have felt all evening because of a few special people in my life...Thanks! It feels so good to not one see the hand of God take over, but to acknowledge and share it intensifies the feeling!

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