Wednesday, July 23, 2008

10 years ago...

A lot of things went through my mind this morning...
My first call was at 7:15 am telling me that they had taken Daddy back early.
I slowly start to rise, mind you I'm RARELY up before 9 am.
I think it's a good idea to get myself ready before the girls get up.
Again this is something I RARELY do, fix myself up.
I'm bathed, hair dried/curled and make up on by 8 am.
I ponder as I'm getting ready how things used to be, pre three kids that is.
Wait a minute...I used to do this everyday. Take time in the morning for myself
to get ready for work. I must say that I thou rally enjoyed it, even if I had to get up early.
I'm sure at the time when I was working I totally took it for granted. Hating every minute
of getting up early and getting ready for work.
If anything being a stay at home mother has taught me a million times Gratitude for the little things in life....

I get the girls up and dressed and get a call from Aunt Meg. Asking if we wanted to meet her for breakfast. What a pleasant nice morning I thou rally enjoyed...

On my way to the hospital I become a little nervous about the drive to Charlotte. Mind you I made this drive for almost 10 years prior to my three children. Was the anxiety actually coming from the drive? Or was it coming from a life I so suddenly gave up. Sacrifice hardly explains what our family has gone through since I left work. The emotional tug of war that I battle almost daily brings me to think of what might have been. Well if I was working things would not be as hard. I know, I know the grass always seems to be greener on the other side. This is defiantly not the case. But I feel that both my parents raised me to be very independent. And giving up that independence has been a struggle at the least. Not that I doubt my calling in life at this present time...mommy. I have become a much different person than the Dawn I looked at in the mirror 10 years ago. I must say that I would hate to have missed the opportunity to become the woman I am today. And if I have to start all over in two years when my twins begin Kindergarten, then I will begin a much stronger person. The things I would have missed you could not have offered me a million dollars to suffice.

My Daddy pulled through his surgery like a champ and will be ready to go dancing on Saturday. (So he says.) LOL The road to total recovery will be a long one with physical therapy. I thank you if you lifted him and our family up in prayer and ask that you continue to through out the next three months. It was defiantly nice to be there for my Father today. I did also enjoy the time I spent reflecting on why I am where I am today. And how totally content I am with being the person I have become. Life lessons...learned...cherished...and forever changed...

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Moriah said...

wow! that was awesome!! SOOO TRUE! YOU are SO much better then 10 years ago!!

I mean....10 years ago you didn't even have a SuperWoman, you have several just incase a few didn't get washed in Mt.Washmore. :)