Saturday, December 1, 2007

Saturday- Value, Day 5 of Moriah's Challenge...

As a parent I can only pray that my children will grow up to honor and share some of the same values that I have. Most all of the values that I have come from a religious values that I was either raised on or have grown to accept.
Compassion, love and care ...Are the most important and speak the loudest language to me. Jesus is the perfect example I hope to reflect when speaking of these values. appropriate to emphasize this time of year. And, tomorrow being the first day of advent, (the coming of Christ our savior). God exemplified so much compassion for us that He sent His only son to save us from our sins. I looked up compassion in the dictionary and this is what it said. "Compassion is often characterized through actions, wherein a person acting with compassion will seek to aid those they feel compassionate for." There is no greater example of this than what our heavenly Father did for us through Jesus. Hold onto this as we prepare this season for the celebration of the Nativity.
Love, an unconditional love that my parents had for me and I now have for my children. Then the agape love that God has for, us, his children.
Care, stems back to the values we were taught in pre-school. Matthew 7:12 says, "So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets." Also known as the golden rule. Again Jesus sets the perfect example of caring. He cares so much he is willing to forgive all our impurities and wash away all our sin. A great price that was paid for us through the blood shed by Him on Calvary.
Integrity is another value that stands of importance to me. If I did not have integrity I would not honor any of the values that I hold dear and apply them appropriately.
I value the Bible and it's great teaching of all the saints that have gone on before us.

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