Monday, August 31, 2009

It is well with my soul...

Perfection lies in what the soul desires...DL You can quote it, from me...He, he!

Sometimes my soul needs to be in worship, sometimes it desires to be surrounded by friends, family, strangers or in the still quiet of nothing. Tonight all my soul needed was some quality family time. Funny the things we take for granted when we have them. Sometimes it takes their absence to realize how important they are.

Perfection was found in the quiet stillness of the dark night, which soon abound with laughter, stories and jokes, roasted marshmallow's and sticky kisses! It's hard to explain the peace I felt in the rejoicing my heart was doing. Nothing much better than a good night at home with the 5 people I love most. The bliss spilled over into the next morning...I woke to show how appreciative I was of the family I love so ham biscuits and fresh pot of coffee on a Sunday morning before church... Simple pleasures confirmed as a small Lynch tippy toed in to tell me good morning. The 2nd thing out of Micah's mouth was, "mommy tomorrow night was the best night, cause we roasted marshmallow's." Yes dear, last night you mean, was a great night because we roasted marshmallow's. Simple and sweet memories!

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