Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Time...

Looking outside to see if there's rain.
Packing up the car cause they say it's safe.
Traveling to our favorite picnic spot.
Finding the perfect shade tree cause it's hot, hot, hot.

Inviting friends over for some good company.
Lighting up the grill, cooking food to eat.
Listening to the laughter of kids in the yard.
Calming them down and putting them to bed, is hard.

Summer days, there is nothing like them.
Spring, Fall or Winter can not compare.
To bare feet, cold drinks, good friends
and sweet ice cream treats.

Spur of the moment get up and go.
Leaving the windows rolled down so the wind can blow.
Watching the flowers bloom.
Sitting outside by the light of a full moon.

Simple life taking it easy.
Wishing it could always be this way.
Watching the days fly by.
and listening to the crickets cry.

Butterfly kisses, Dandelion wishes
Flying like and airplane through the sky.
It's no lie, Life's what you make it.

Life it good...Blessings overflow...It's all in how you look at it...

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