Monday, July 21, 2008

Erin's Engaged...

I've known her since birth.

She is 7 days older than me.

Our mother's are best friends.

It was inevitable that we turned out to be lifelong friends.

Oh, the stories we have made together...

Which we will never tell...(Right E?) Shhhh...

Good friends like this are rare and precious jewels.

Meet my friend Erin...

She's getting Married in 9 short weeks.

I'm honored to be in her wedding.
The pictures are from her engagement party a few weeks ago.

Below is her with her fiance', who is great!

I love that I really like the man she is marrying.

That means so much more. Adding Chad to our friendship

will only make it that much greater!

Erin & I
Chad & Erin

Bachelorette Party Weekend Destination:
Folly Beach ~ Charleston, NC

7 short weeks and we will be here!

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