Monday, July 14, 2008

Beach Beauty...

Maci playing in the water, and no I did not make her pose.
This is all her all natural. LOL


Moriah said...

Dear Friend,
Please take this time to invest in a few items one may need.
a. a good shotgun.
b. a good scratch this..three good ropes.
c. a script for heavy meds...

I would highly suggest a few bolts to lock all the doors in your home. Include the windows as well.

You will be glad you had a friend like me...who...has boys that may come knocking! :)
Lastly, please skip step a when dealing with any child of mine.
I appreciae it.
Pass the drugs...:)


Erin Thompson said...

She is soooo beautiful!!! G already loves her. For now he calls her is big sister. Let's just hope that it stays that way for his sake and my sanity.

Alysa Tanya N. Galban said...

candid, love it ♥