Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Father's Day

When I think of Michael this verse comes to mind: Ecclesiastes 9:10
"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might."
As long as I have known him this verse rings true in his life. If you know him personally I'm sure you will agree. He is not one to ever do anything half way, quit or not give it more than all he has. As a husband he is more than I every dreamed of having in a partner. As a daddy he is every thing a child deserves. As a man he is the definition of strength. Always putting his all into all he does. We are all so very lucky to have such a wonderful husband, daddy, man in our lives. Thank you Michael for giving us your all in everything you do, from marriage to parenthood we could not have prayed for anything more.


Michael awoke to three little girls chanting "Happy Father's Day", each with a gift for him in tote. Maci brought him his new fishing rod, Micah his new reel and Marley a new pocket knife. How could one's day start any better. I mean Micah is so sweet when she say's "Happy Father's Day". She says it with so much conviction and Marley just says it over and over. Maci get's excited it's a special day. She loves holiday's much like her mother. Today was their Daddy's day..

Michael has been wanting to take the girls to Carrowinds, so it's his day, we let him make the plans. I decided not to take my camera, just too much stuff to keep up with. This was a picture they took on Maci's favorite ride. The Fairly Odd Parent's Roller coaster, formerly know as Scoobie-Do. She is so proud of this picture of her and her daddy, I had to share it. It was an awesome day that everyone enjoyed.

On the way home we made a stop by my father's house to wish him a very Happy Father's Day too. My dad is great! I can remember growing up he was alway there to play with us and do fun things. He made my childhood a very happy one. Now as a grandpa he is just as awsesome as I remember growing up. Our girls love him so much, it melts my heart. I love you daddy!
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